Andy Petterson | MN

Where you hail from:  I was born in a small town on the Iron range and later resided around the St.Cloud area where I have lived most my life. I started fishing and hunting at a very young age with my dad. To this day he is still my favorite person to hunt and fish with. He has taught me a lot.

Industry Associations: I am the owner of the Facebook groups Ice Fishing Minnesota and Fishing Minnesota. Both events host charitable events year as well as monthly online fishing contests. I also run a page called Angling Minnesota where our team does reviews, video’s, shares tips and hot spots.

Preferred fishing style and/or target species:?I love all fishing and love catching all sorts of different species, but I hands down prefer pulling slab crappies through the ice over everything else. I like to fish around my home area, which gets a lot of pressure in the winter and makes you really work for your catch. But I would have to say my favorite are to fish is northwestern Minnesota. Nothing beats hiking into a hidden lake in the middle of nowhere.

Pointers or tips for your favorite species:  Tips to catching crappies would have to be toss everything at them and see what works. Crappies can be very finicky to color, size, presentation, etc. So what I do is line up the jigs that I have used and try to find the distinction of what they tend to chase more and what not to. Same goes with baits. Try euro’s, waxies, minnow heads, full minnow, plastics.

Memorable story or experience: My most memorable experience is probably my first trip into the Boundary Waters with my dad and some friends. I had never really truly “roughed it” that much, and it was quite the experience and adventure.
How you measure success? How do I measure success? Well for me it’s all about the love of the sport. So my scale of success is more based on happiness more than anything. I can have a great day on the lake without catching any fish. Its all about enjoying the elements and the surroundings, the peace and just doing what you love to do.
Why team up with Striker? Honestly it was a no brainer.  Hands down the best suits in the industry, with the most technology. Everything Striker puts there name on is quality. So it is a honor to be a part of the leader in the industry.