Ashley Rae | ON

  1. Where you hail from – I grew up in the small town of Napanee in Southeastern Ontario, Canada. I was introduced to fishing at the age of five by a family friend. 
  2. Industry associations – In 2009 I began a blog titled to document my fishing experiences and adventures. I’ve since grown to be a columnist for a local newspaper and additionally a local magazine. I am also a freelance writer for various publications and often travel to new places to experience the fishing opportunities and share my adventures. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to host television episodes on the World Fishing Network as well as put on seminars at fishing trade shows. I always have a variety of fishing projects on the go and am thankful I decided to ditch the nine-to-five lifestyle and instead chase my passion.
  3. Preferred fishing and/or target species – I target multi-species throughout the year and do all kinds of fishing but for me the larger species are where it’s at! I love big fish with teeth! 
  4. Where you like to fish – I love traveling to new places to fish but I do live central to some amazing bodies of water such as; the Bay of Quinte, the St. Lawrence River, the Ottawa River, Lake Ontario, among many others. 
  5. Tips for catching your favorite species – I spend a lot of time on walleye in the winter and there are several factors that make a successful outing. The low-light prime time is so important so it’s best to get out early and have all your holes drilled so when prime time rolls around, fish aren’t getting spooked by augers and ATVs ripping around making noise. Where I fish, we are allowed to have 2 rods so I typically have a ‘call bait’ something with a rattle or a blade bait to lure them in. If they’re aggressive, they can be caught on these presentations but if not, I’ll pull the call bait away and drop down with a spoon, or a Snap Rap/Jigging Rap or Shad rap. Those are some of my go-to’s for walleye.
  6. Memorable story or experience – I have too many to name and each year brings new memorable experiences! You’ll have to visit my website to read about them! (
  7. How you measure success – Setting goals and working hard to accomplish them. Finding happiness on my own terms.
  8. Why team up with Striker ICE? – Striker realizes that women enjoy being outdoors, chasing fish, and would like to keep warm and dry when doing so. Female anglers need to have the same quality gear available as male anglers and Striker has made that possible! THANK YOU!