Brian Koshenina | MN

Where do I hail from? I grew up on the East Side of St. Paul Minnesota but spent most of my summers and winters camping and fishing all over the Midwest.

Industry associations? Guide at Muskies and More Guide Service, Ice Fishing Minnesota Team Member, Staff writer ODU Magazine, Pro team director Snyder’s Lures, Executive/Event director at Simply Outdoor Experiences, Pro Staff at Onyx Outdoors, Hook Look Lures and Rods, Guide staff at Drifter Tackle, Certified mentor with the State Of Minnesota

Where do I like to fish? I like to be mobile when I fish. I’m not one to follow the crowd so most of the time you will find me away from everyone else. 

Tips for catching my favorite species- I use my camera to identify the species I am targeting. After drilling my holes I use my camera rather than my flasher to identify what species are below. I’m not as concerned about depth as fish can be anywhere at anytime. Why waste time fishing for something that’s not there!

Memorable story or experience- I was fishing Mills Lacs a few years ago in a one man portable.  A blizzard had come in with fifty mile an hour winds. The winds were so strong and with a lack of snow cover on the Ice I was blown about one hundered yards from my hole and truck. I walked around in the blizzard for about 45 minutes until I finally found my truck. If it wasn’t for my Hard water suit I probably would of froze!

Why team up with Striker? Quality, safety and reliability. I can count on my Striker gear to hold up in any situation. My Hard water suit not only keeps me warm but it might just save my life some day.




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