DerekTintes | MN

Where you hail from? I was born and raised in the great state of Minnesota. After graduating from Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted high school, I moved up to the Alexandria area and I now attend school at Alexandria Technical and Community College.

Preferred fishing and/or target species– Panfish and walleye would be my favorite species to fish through the ice. The panfish can provide a lot of entertainment for all of our guests on the ice and the walleye can provide for a sometimes challenging but rewarding bite.

Where you like to fish– The Battle Lake area has some of the best fishing that I have found. Anything from panfish to muskies, it has it all.

Tips for catching your favorite species– It is important to use the right gear when fishing for panfish. You need a rod with a very soft tip, but enough backbone to fight the fish. For reels, I prefer an inline reel. They eliminate the issues of line-twist and allow you to get your bait down to the fish faster.

Memorable story of experience– Definitely the first time that I fished lake Winnipeg in March of 2015. We put a lot of big fish on the ice, including my first Manitoba Master.

How you measure success– I measure success in smiles. If I have a kid or a veteran on the ice and they are smiling, then the day is successful. The success of the day is never measured by how many fish are put on the ice.

Why team up with Striker Ice– The people at Striker Ice are top-notch and great to work with. Striker makes some of the best products on the market hands down.


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