Donovan Pearase | MT

Where do you hail from:  Born, raised and still live in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Industry associations:  Blackwater Cats Outfitter, Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association

Preferred fishing and/or target species:  Walleyes and channel catfish. 

Where do you like to fish:  Ice fishing walleyes on lake Winnipeg and Catfish on the Red River in summer.

Tips for catching your favorite species:  Walleye: Using a flasher while ice fishing is a massive advantage not only being able to mark fish but reading the fishes mood and reactions to what you are doing. Pay attention to how the fish is reacting to your bait and focus on what movements are making them more aggressive.
Catfish: Match the hatch! Cats key in on different baits at different times of the year. Figure out what’s prevalent in their environment at that time of year for success

Memorable story or experience:  In 2011 we got turned around in a bad fog while Ice fishing Lake Winnipeg. The GPS we were using was old and not working properly. So we gave up and fished the closest ridge we could find in the fog. That spot produced ungodly amount of walleye in both size and numbers and to this day is still one of our better spots on Lake Winnipeg

How you measure success:  Success on the ice for me is having happy satisfied guests at the end of each day, which is something different for each group. Catching fish is a given but a good personality, good conversation, good work ethic, quality gear and equipment all amounts to success on the ice.

Why team up with Striker Ice:  The reasons for teaming with Striker Ice are plain and clear.  The advantages that Striker Ice gear provides the ice angler and outdoors enthusiast are head and shoulders above the other products on the market.  Providing clothing options that fit the needs of any ice angler and allow us to spend more time on the ice in comfort, both physically and in peace of mind, give us the opportunity to be successful any time we venture out!