Jacob Tintes |  MN

Favorite Species:My favorite specie to target out ice fishing is the walleye.  Whether we are out on the area local lakes or up chasing walleye on Lake of the Woods and Winnipeg.  There is nothing better then pulling up a walleye with friends and family out on the ice!

Tip or trick for favorite species: When fishing with jigs, bobbers, or spoons tipped with a minnow and/or minnow head, some people cut the minnow head off rather then pinching the head off with their fingers. What pinching the minnow head off does is it gives off a better appearance of the minnow head and puts out a greater radius and stronger “smell” from the pinched minnow head.

Why ice fishing?: Of all the fishing we do with kids and veterans, ice fishing in portables or in a permanent gives us a better chance to share stories and laughs with the people we take out. Also seeing some of the kids and veterans pull up their first walleye, crappie, or perch through the ice is quite exciting and fulfilling.

Favorite Striker Ice Product and Why?  One of my favorite products from the Striker Ice line up is the Guardian suit, this suit is the perfect weight and warmth for the little warmer months of winter, at a warmth rating of  5 out of 10 and  even with a little less features of the other suites in the line up this suit has kept me warm on Lake of the Woods and Winnipeg in some pretty cold weather.