Jeremy Anfinson | Minnesota

Favorite Target Species: I love to chase sunfish all year but especially in the winter. Some of my greatest memories with my Dad involve chasing sunfish on the ice. Plus there are so many lakes to chase them in Minnesota and around the upper Midwest.

Tip or trick for favorite species: Most people think that size matters when it comes to sunfish not bitting. I like to try jig shape before size. Sometimes the shape looks more like the forage that they feed on or it can be the way that jig moves that may trigger them to bite.

Why ice fishing? There is just something about being in a nice warm fish house when the temps are in in the negative digits especially when it’s snowing out. Many memories were made with my Dad and me on the ice. Now I hope to continue making many more memories with my children on the ice.

Favorite Striker Ice Product and why? I have two of them. First is the Predator Suit because you have the ability to use the Striker Base and Mid layers under the suit without having to many clothes and be nice and warm no matter the temps outside. Having a windpoof outer shell is nice in that it keeps the wind off of you all day long. Which we all know that it makes for a long day on the ice if that wind can get to your body. My second is the Combat gloves. They are a super warm gloves with a extremely durable leather palm and back of the hand. Nice for running across the lake on a four wheeler or snowmobile. But if you have hands that get cold easy like mine do, they will stay warm in these gloves.