Jesse Tintes | MN

Favorite Target Species:  I really like fishing walleyes in the winter. My two favorite bodies of water for walleyes are Lake Winnipeg (monster walleyes) and Lake of the Woods (good numbers of walleyes during the ice fishing season.

Tip or trick for favorite species: A lot of people use way too big of a bobber and a lot of snap weights just above the hook when ice fishing. Try using a smaller bobber or an adjustable bobber to  assist in neutral buoyancy. I also recently switched over to tungsten jigs when fishing for walleyes which has eliminated my need for snap weights.  Using both of these tips will help reduce the resistance the fish feels when the bite is light.

Why ice fishing? My boys and I like taking others out fishing with a focus on kids and veterans. Ice fishing allows us to impact more people and makes it more of a social event when out on the  ice.

Favorite Striker Ice Product and why?  The Striker Ice Climate suit is may favorite product.  The removable liner in the bibs allows me to make quick adjustments for different weather conditions  and the adjustable cuffs lets me set the leg length to my height. The Climate  3-1 jacket with flotations and a removable performance jacket fits all my needs in the winter months. I also use they  suit without the liners in the late fall right before the ice and in the early spring right after ice out.