Josh Sykora | MN

Where do you hail from:  I grew up in Ortonville, MN and now live in Melrose, MN and my dad was the one who sparked my initial love for fishing!.  I moved to the Fargo/Moorhead area after high school to attend college and have remained here since.  I still spend a great deal of time at our family farm along the Minnesota River near Granite Falls, MN.  The outdoors; fishing and hunting have been a huge part of my entire life.  I learned from my father, grandfather and uncles and am now passing it on to my children and others who are new to the outdoors.

Industry associations:  Currently a member of the National Professional Anglers Association and the President of FM Walleyes Unlimited, Inc., I have held numerous leadership positions in organizations like FM Walleyes Unlimited, Inc., Walleyes-R-Us, and Men In Boats Ministries over the past 20 years.  I have been a partner in Brewer-Agre Outdoors for the past four years, educating and promoting the sport of fishing and the outdoors.

Preferred fishing and/or target species:  There’s no doubt about it, I like what ever type of fishing I can do at this very moment!  I’m a fan of all types of fishing, especially the techniques that put a bend in the rod and get my heart pounding.  During winter months I relish the opportunity to venture out on to a frozen lake and unlock the secrets that are hidden beneath the ice.  During the open water season I try to capture every opportunity to be in my Lund boat with a rod in hand!  Where ever I fish, whatever tactic I employ and whatever the season, you’ll always find a set of Striker Gear on my back or within arms reach to keep me fishing comfortably and fishing longer!

Where do you like to fish:  Without a doubt, Devils Lake, ND and the Winnipeg River/Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba are my two favorite bodies of water to fish.  They are each amazing fisheries and I am blessed to be able to fish them on a regular basis.  When not making the trip to these two world renowned favorites, I spend a great deal of time fishing the west central Minnesota lakes in and around Detroit Lakes, Park Rapids and Walker.  I can’t forget to mention the Red River of the North, which is literally right in my back yard!  It is an incredible world class fishery for channel catfish and walleyes alike.

Tips for catching your favorite species:  In my experience I have found that there are no magic wands in fishing that instantly turn on the switch to catching more fish.  Regardless of the species that we pursue, I believe that the anglers who pay attention to the small details are the ones who are ultimately more successful.  Like an elite athlete or business executive, the little things matter.  Do the little things well and you will increase your odds to catch more fish day in and day out.  Pay attention to the details of your equipment and tackle, be prepared with the right gear and clothing and you’ll fish longer and be more focused as you do so!  That’s where Striker Ice makes the difference; clothing and gear are key elements in ice fishing.  The Striker Ice line up offers the warmth, comfort and functionality to make fishing the first priority while on the ice!

Memorable story or experience:  Being beside my son on Lake Winnipeg helping him land his first master angler greenback ranks right up there!  Spending a beautiful March day on the ice with my wife and 248 other friends at the FM Walleyes Unlimited and Walleye Anglers Association of Manitoba “Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing Excursion” has to be mentioned as well.  No matter the season, there’s nothing like being out with great people enjoying the outdoors!

How you measure success:  Success as an angler, or in the bigger picture as a person is measured in large part by the memories that we have.  Memories of a big fish, a destination outing or time on the ice with family and/or friends.  Whatever the scenario, if it’s impactful enough to leave a lasting impression, it should be measured as a success!  For me, sharing the outdoors is where the memories come from.  Whether it be a trophy greenback on Lake Winnipeg or bluegill on a local lake, when it is shared with family and/or friends it takes on new meaning.  Seeing a young angler or someone not familiar with the outdoors experience it for the first time is fuel in my tank! 

Why team up with Striker Ice:  The reasons for teaming with Striker Ice are plain and clear.  The advantages that Striker Ice gear provides the ice angler and outdoors enthusiast are head and shoulders above the other products on the market.  Providing clothing options that fit the needs of any ice angler and allow us to spend more time on the ice in comfort, both physically and in peace of mind, give us the opportunity to be successful any time we venture out!  

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