Mandy Uhrich | MN

  1. Where you hail from– I currently reside in the Brainerd Lakes Area or as I like to refer to it, the Mecca of Minnesota fishing. I am originally from North Dakota and spent my youth on the mighty waters of Devils Lake where my father helped cultivate my love of fishing, guiding and everything outdoors. 
  2. Industry associations– I am a 15 year biologist, Tv show host & Co TV show host, International Fishing Seminar Speaker, Outdoor writer, Becoming An Outdoor Woman instructor and pro staff for 13 Fishing, Lund boats, Evinrude
  3. Preferred fishing and/or target species– My summertime passion is battling big bass, fall goes to fighting walleyes and muskies and ice season conquering crappies, walleye, pike and lake trout.
  4. Where you like to fish– From the northern reaches of Canada to the southern tip of Mexico to the islands of Hawaii, nothing is safe from me, if it swims in freshwater, saltwater or under the ice. 
  5. Tips for catching your favorite species-Water temp, cover, water clarity , light situation, and natural forage dictate where I fish, what depth I fish and what my bait and color choice. 
  6. How you measure success-*I have been blessed to spend my entire life not only living my passion but sharing my passion with others. My  measure of success is igniting a new passion and empowering others through education and instruction. I hope to break down the barriers that restrict the normalization of woman in fishing and  increase youth recruitment.
  7. Why team up with Striker ICE?– Be it on the ice , the open water, or in the field, Striker Ice makes the best outdoor , high quality outer wear! You cant control the weather but you can guarantee that no matter what mother nature throws at you, Striker Ice gear has you comfy, warm and dry!