NANCY KOEP | Minnesota

Where do I hail from:  I grew up on a lake in central Minnesota called Spitzer lake,(close to Clitherall,MN)  my parents
had a resort on the lake for 25 years. After my chores were done for the day, I went fishing. 
If it wasn’t my dad taking me it was my brother, soon I graduated to have my own boat. 
I remember going spearing with my dad a lot, it was so fun. Being on the lake made me 
spoiled as no matter what time of year it was, my parents new where to find me. 
Where do I like to fish: The enjoyment of ice fishing is, you can be so mobile. With operating a bait shop in the
Glenwood area, I mostly stick around here and fish the area lakes. This allows me to give my customers up to 
date fishing reports. The two that I fish most would be probably Lake Reno and Lake Minnewaska.
Preferred fishing and or target species: That’s a hard question to answer, I would have to say it’s 50/50. The enjoyment 
I get taking my kids with me fishing, whether it’s soft or hard water is what matters the most. I target walleye’s in the summer
and enjoying catching crappies in the winter. There is just something about bringing that crappie up thru that hole in the ice, that 
can’t be topped. 
How you measure success: I measure my success by the number of peoples life I’ve changed introducing them 
to the world of fishing. Fishing is so much more then putting your rod in the water in hopes of catching a fish. When I have veterans in my boat, that’s their release, a place they can go and not worry about anything. It’s almost like you can see the weight lifted off their shoulders. For our younger generation I measure my success by how many kids come up and talk to 
me about fishing. They tell me stories about their ‘big catch’, show me pictures – that’s when I know I made a difference in that kids life. It’s about sharing my passion I have for the sport on to others young and old.