Nicholas Colangelo | PA

Where do you hail from:  Born in the Steel City, Pittsburgh PA

Industry associations:  Business Owner of Colangelo’s Bakery & Cafe. Family owned since 2007. Volunteer for Big Brother mentor program and volunteer demonstrations with the states PA Fish and Game Commission.

Preferred fishing and/or target species:  Specialized in large game fishing through the ice, primarily targeting Muskellunge, Northern pike, and Walleye. During the spring I target the fish with a combination of trolling and casting. Experienced in Lake fishing but my passion is on the rivers in western Pennsylvania. The variables that exist in river systems tend to produce stronger, healthier fish in my region on the state and seeking the largest freshwater predators is why I started ice fishing in the first place.

Tips for catching your favorite species:  Fishing is a combination of dedication, perseverance, and humility. The illusive behavior the muskie provides makes it so gratifying to chase these big fish. You can go months without seeing one and then catch 6 in one day. The ups and downs which present a challenge that, when accomplished, it’s one of the best thrills I’ve had in my life.

Memorable story or experience:  My ice fishing addiction started the day I set my foot onto a frozen lake for the first time in my life. The tranquility and remoteness of some of the water I fish in Western Pennsylvania are among some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. Getting on the ice in a beautiful place with friends and family has to be the most gratifying experiences I’ve ever had. In 2015 I landed which will probably be the biggest fish I’ll ever catch – a 50 pound musky on a hand line through a 10″ hole. I camped on the ice and alept over night before i got the bite, 18 hours into the trip. The fish took 30 minutes to land and it will most likely be my all time favorite catch.

How you measure success:  I measure it like anything else in my life and that’s completely dependent on having a great time. As long as I’m having fun, meeting new people, and experiencing the outside any catches are just a bonus.

Why team up with Striker Ice:  The Hardwater Suit and Performance Hoodie are a must have for the winter season. The bibs are incredibly comfortable, adjustable and resistant to wear and tare. You can’t catch without a line in the water  I wouldn’t be able to put as much time on the ice without the gear from StrikerICE. 




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