Scotty Brewer | ND

Favorite target species: I really enjoy chasing Greenback Walleyes. Not only are they beautiful, they can reach massive proportions. Who doesn’t want to catch a walleye in the teens?

Tip or trick for favorite species: A wise old fisherman taught me when ice fishing for trophy fish, put a swivel or bobber stop in line above your lure, a distance that equals the ice thickness PLUS 6 inches. The best opportunity for a fish to come unhooked is when it reaches the bottom of the ice hole. This trick will allow you to slow down and guide your trophy into the hole.

Why ice fishing? I enjoy both open water and ice fishing, for different reasons. With ice fishing, its all about the little details. If we take what we learn on the ice to open water, we all will be better fisherman.

Favorite Striker Ice product and why? Seriously, all of them, but if I had to pick one, it would be the rod transporter. Hands down the most versatile and user friendly rod and tackle storage unit on the market. Holds 5 rods and no more folding reel handles for storage. Huge center storage area for up to 9 – 3600 tackle trays, or tip ups, or snacks, gloves, even electronics will fit.