Troy Peterson | WI

1. Favorite Target Species:  Bluegills and Walleyes

2. Tip or trick for favorite species: When jigging for walleyes through the ice, try to ignore the fish off the bottom and concentrate on jigging a couple of feet under the ice. Actively feeding fish tend to move up in the water column and often go undeteced  by locators.  Keep your bait moving with small yet quick jigging motions all while making the walleye chase the bait upwards until they bite. When the mid winter blues come around and the panfish seem to disappear, most anglers start heading for deeper water. Try heading the opposite direction and finding extremely shallow heavily weeded bays in search of bluegills and perch.  On lakes in my area I will find the gills and perch in water around 6-8” deep under the ice feeding on bugs. Sight fishing and the use of cameras will help find pockets in the weeds.

3. Why ice fishing? I hate the heat and humidity. Other than that, there’s something about ice fishing that fuels my soul. All the high-tech gadgets, cutting edge equipment and using my knowledge and experience to help companies design new equipment are just a few reasons that ice fishing is truly one of my passions is life.

4. Favorite Striker Ice Product and why?  I spend 8-10 hours a day every day outside in every element mother nature can throw at us during the winter months.  As we all know staying dry is the most important factor to staying warm.  It all starts with the base layer.  The Striker Base Layer and Mid Layer shirts and pants are critical elements for wicking moisture from body keeping me dry and comfortable. What goes over the top of the  mid layer all depends on day but I mainly fish with the Climate gear with the flexibility of having liners that can be added or removed to match the conditions.