Mike Keller  |  WI

What is your type or style of hunting?

I specialize in dry field Canada goose and mallard hunting, I also enjoy hunting the marshes and backwaters of the rivers in my area for early season ducks. 

Where do you live?

Muskego,  WI. (SEWI) 

Proudest hunting moment/harvest/story?

I would have to say that watching my son fill his first legal limit was one of my proudest moments in waterfowling. 

Why you choose Striker Blind?

I chose Striker Blind because it is the best all around most versatile clothing available. The camo pattern blends with everything from cut corn and wheat fields, to the Marshes and Delta’s of the wetlands.  It is also the most durable, warmest and safest clothing I have found, no other clothing company on the market can provide you with warmth, comfortable fit and life saving technology in a package as durable and affordable as Striker Blind.


email: fowldawgs@gmail.com