Hardwater Jacket


Sizes: Men’s S-5XLT
Colors Gray/Black

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It Floats!

Find us a problem, and Striker delivers solutions in the form of a revolutionary ice apparel. Our Hardwater Suit provides rugged protection from the elements. Super tough 600D Endura outer shell with enough fixed insulation to endure the elements. With a warmth rating of 9, our Hardwater Suit is the perfect accompaniment to mere pail on the ice. Our Hardwater Suit pretty much eliminates the need for a shelter.

The Hardwater Jacket is for anglers that love the ice, but wear a jacket only when necessary. You may not use your jacket often, but when you do, it’s a lifesaver, literally. Loaded with SUREFLOTE™ and surrounded with 360 degree reflective material, the Hardwater rides with you on the way out, and keeps you safe and warm for the journey back. Like a hood but not how it cramps your style? Mold the Hardwater hood to your spec with wireframe outer, or remove the hood altogether when you don’t need it. Love it to keep warm early morning, but loathe it after the sun comes up? Simply unzip the underarm vents and fish-on. Striking features and Striker innovations make this our most equipped jacket.


  • 600D Endura Outer Shell
  • Hydrapore™ 5000 W/B 
  • 100% PU Seam Taped
  • Sureflote Flotation-Assist Liner
  • Fixed Polytricot Liner with 230T Sleeves
  • 150g Thermadex Insulation
  • 360 Degree Reflective Material
  • YKK Heavy Duty Front Zipper
  • Side Body Vents with Waterproof Zips
  • Cinch Cord Drawstring at waist & Hem
  • Expandable Cargo Pockets
  • Exterior D-Rings for Accessories
  • Removable Hood with Memory Wire Visor
  • Extended Lycra Inner Wrist Cuffs
  • Velcro Adjustable Cuff Closures
  • Left Sleeve Zippered Key Pocket
  • Quick Access Breast Pockets
  • Magnetic Storm Flap Closures
  • Inner Cell Phone Pocket
  • Zippered Breast Pockets
  • Soft Touch Side Hand Pockets
  • Fast Draining Hem in Liner*
  • Warmth Rating: 9 (scale of 10)

*patent pending




HYDRAPORE is a high performance waterproof/breathable PU laminate that is built into the outer shell fabric. HYDRAPORE system technology is specifically designed to provide maximum protection against extreme weather elements. HYDRAPORE has a superior 5000mm/5000g/m2 rating for resisting water penetration and for breathability. Please note that the rate at which W/B systems expel moisture vapor is variable with external temperature.



Thermadex brand thermal insulation is designed for use in outdoor active wear where light weight, superior insulating performance and minimal loft is required. Thermadex provides a high level of warmth in active applications such as in alpine skiing, snow boarding, snowmobiling and nordic skiing. Thermadex provides warmth, softness and breathability without the bulk.

Microfiber Construction
Thin, Low-Loft Density
Ultra Light in Weight
Breathable Technology


SUREFLOTE is made from expanded low density polyethylene foam that traps air in closed cells constructed into multi-layer membranes to create internal air pockets for added buoyancy. The SUREFLOTE membrane is moisture resistant and provides superior user mobility and added protection in the extreme cold. The combined jacket and pant/bib with SUREFLOTE provide flotation assistance for up to two hours for an average person. SUREFLOTE is designed to provide added buoyancy to a person’s body weight for flotation assistance. An average sized adult needs 7-12 lbs of buoyancy to keep their head afloat. Suits with the SUREFLOTE system are designed to provide approximately 10-12 lbs of buoyancy depending on size and style.

Important: SUREFLOTE is Not Coast Guard Approved. This item is not approved by the Coast Guard as a personal flotation device or life preserver. SUREFLOTE may be rendered ineffective in adverse conditions such as strong water currents. The SUREFLOTE system does not protect against hypothermia in extreme cold water.

Fast-Drain Hems

This garment features our exclusive fast-drain hems (patent pending). These are built in mesh drains on the bottom hem and cuffs of the jacket and on the bottom leg of the bibs. This feature allows any built up excess moisture trapped inside the shell to escape, even if the garment is hanging on a hook in your closet. Even our premium waterproof/breathable shells take some time to expel trapped body moisture, particularly in very cold temperatures. Just imagine what kind of yuk can accumulate between the layers in a lower-end flotation suit. But even more important, these mesh drains allow for the quick exit of any water taken on if you go in the drink. Consider the extra effort involved if you are carrying an extra 5 gallons of water with you as you try to crawl out onto the ice. Our drains provide an added sense of security knowing that you will not get bogged down wearing this suit.

Warmth Rating

Striker Brands uses a Warmth Rating Indicator to provide information regarding the relative warmth of our garments. Since every person is different and reacts differently to the cold, this indicator can be a valuable tool in selecting a suitable garment. A garment with a rating of 10 is our highest rated garment. Remember that garments with SUREFLOTE will provide increased protection in extreme conditions. Also note that proper base layering will greatly increase the performance of any outdoor suit.

Striker Brands LLC has patents pending for a number of technical features found in this garment.

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