Marsh Mayhem Performance Hoody


Sizes: Men’s S-4XL
Colors Marsh Mayhem
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Striker Blind Marsh Mayhem Performance Hoody

Marsh Mayhem is designed for waterfowl hunters. From the grassy shoreline of the prairie pothole region of the Dakota’s, the smartweed of the south, Foxtail of Alaska or cattail marshes found all over the United States the Marsh Mayhem pattern will keep you hidden no matter where you use it.

The Marsh Mayhem Performance Hoody fits the bill when it comes to early mornings in the blind or as casual wear on chilly days. The premium no noise softshell is made soft and lightweight but itis waterproof/breathable and windproof. Comfortable like a casual hoody, but it performs like rugged outerwear.The shell is micro-fleece lined with an additional hanging fleece lining in the body, with a slick sleeve design in the arms. Waterproof zippers and Lycra inner cuffs for long term comfort. Visor hood with drawstring adjust.


  • 140D No Noise Laminated Polyamide Shell
  • Marsh Mayhem Camouflage Pattern
  • WPB Level: 10,000/ 5,000 Hydrapore┬«
  • Fleece Insulation
  • Waterproof Zippers
  • Lycra Inner Cuffs
  • Visor Hood



HYDRAPORE is a high performance waterproof/breathable PU laminate that is built into the outer shell fabric. HYDRAPORE system technology is specifically designed to provide maximum protection against extreme weather elements. HYDRAPORE has a superior 10000mm/5000g/m2 rating for resisting water penetration and for breathability. Please note that the rate at which W/B systems expel moisture vapor is variable with external temperature.


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