“Your product is phenomenal, all my friends whine that they are freezing on the ice but I always am comfortable thanks to your product! Keep up the great work!”

“When spending time out on the water there is not one single moment when I have to get worried about getting cold. I seldom fish in an ice shanty because of your product. This allows anglers to be very mobile out on the ice and is clearly a “game changer”.”

“We had a great first trip to devil’s lake! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the striker suits!”

“I was on my way out fishing yesterday and fell through the ice in 26ft. I know if I didn’t have my predator bibs and climate jacket on I most likely would have drown.  Thank you for making such high quality products!”

“I just wanted to reach out and tell you how incredible and how much I love my predator coat and Facemask. I recently spent a day on the ice in -30 temperatures and my striker coat kept me 100% warm. Thank you for making such a quality product so I can keep enjoying the hobby that I love even in the most bitter weather. I plan to buy the matching bibs when I can save up enough money. Your products are the top of the line in the ice fishing industry and I am goin to go above and beyond to make sure everyone knows the quality of your apparel. Again, thank you!!”

“Bring on the cold, best bibs for the money bought the predator bibs this year spent a whole day on the ice kept my core toasty in 12 deg early ice windy day didn’t need wind break or shelter, I am usually worried about early ice but this year no worries because it floats helped make the day better knowing I had that protection, I am a old paratrooper with bad knees, typically hate using tipups because you gotta go to the ice to set them, but the knee area made it bearable so I even set tipups didn’t notice the typical pain associated with setting them…kudo’s to you guys…best bang for your buck…”

“I bought the prism jacket and bibs ladies this year and I love it. it was in the negatives and I was warm. Just to find how to keep my hands warm when there not in my pockets. It is a women’s made suit. Easy to use the pee bucket with out freezing. And there not girly colors. Love them.”

“Bought a predator suit 2 yrs ago and it’s the best investment made. Have fished in temps as low as -40deg and have yet to get cold. Suit is made very well and has held up to everything I’ve put it through.”

“Best bibs and jackets on the market. customer service is absolutely outstanding . My knee towels had a button rip out, and after an inquiry on how to buy them I was promptly shipped out 4 pair free of charge. Buy with confidence.”

“My Striker Ice Hardwater suit is the best investment I’ve made in regards to my ice fishing equipment. 10/10 for Warmth, and 10/10 for functionality and durability.”

“This suit is an absolute must have for any serious ice angler.”

“Love my prism…keeps me so so toasty…..thank you striker for make such a warm float suit…I haven’t got the bibs yet but the jacket is awesome.”

“Striker Predator suit! Also the customer service is one of thee best in the business!!”

“Just got the predator jacket and bibs, and I’m in Love. Super super comfortable, and not super bulky.”

“Best cold weather suit on the market, hands down. I’ll be adding more of their items to my arsenal this winter.”

“Best stuff out there no shack just mother nature I wear shorts and t-shirt to be comfortable striker ice climate is worth every penny and great looks to!!”

“Love my bibs. Super warm and always stay dry. Best ice fishing investment by far.”

“The absolute best in cold-weather clothing! It’s the warmest clothing I have found, and being able to float is a great safety feature.”

“I have the Hardwater bibs and jacket and couldn’t be happier with them.”