Sureflote is made from expanded low density polyethylene foam that traps air in closed cells constructed iinto multi-layer membranes to create internal air pockets for added bouyancy. The Sureflote membrane is moisture resistant and provides superior user mobility and added protection in the extreme cold. The combined jacket and bib/pant with Sureflote provides floatation assistance for up to two hours fro and average person. Sureflote is designed to provide added Buoyancy to a person’s body weight for flotation assistance. An average sized adult needs 7-12 lbs of buoyancy to keep their head afloat. Suits with the Sureflote technology are designed to provide approvimately 10-12 lbs of buoyancy depending on the size and style.

IMPORTANT: Sureflote is NOT Coast Guard Approved. This item is not approved by the Coast Guard as a personal flotation device or life preserver. Sureflote may be rendered ineffective in adverse conditions such as strong water currents. The Sureflote system does not protect against hypothermia in extreme cold water.