Warranty & Repairs

Consumer Product Warranty- What Is Covered

The Striker Brands product warranty covers defects in manufacturing or workmanship including but not limited to: seam failures; missing/defective snaps, zippers, etc; defective fabrication; separations, etc for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Striker Brands will repair or replace the product at its sole option. The warranty does not cover burns, tears, abrasions, stains, fading or normal wear and tear.

Product Warranty Return Procedure

It’s Simple – We Take Care of It! Contact Us Directly- No Paperwork and No Hassles. Here is how it works:
1. Call or email us. USE THE CONTACT INQUIRY FORM TO EXPEDITE CLAIMS. Photos can be attached.

2. Approved claims are issued a “Return Authorization” number (RA number) for tracking purposes.

3. Customer ships us the defective item indicating RA number on carton (customer pays shipping).

4. Striker Brands repairs or replaces the item based at its discretion.

5. Striker Brands returns the repaired/replaced product to the customer (we pay return shipping).

We may make other arrangements or work out alternative remedies depending on the nature of the problem or if shipping is not practical. Unfortunately, all warranty product shipments sent without an RA number marked on the outside of the carton will be returned to the sender. Our goal is to remove the hassle and expense of warranty claims from the dealer while satisfying the needs of the customer in a timely manner.

Defective Product Return Policy for Retailers

Striker Brands does not allow “Field Destroy” and does not provide a defective product allowance.
New Items: Retailers who have received defective product which has not been sold are to contact us immediately upon discovery. We will replace the defective product promptly and pay all shipping costs to retrieve the items and send out replacements. Defective items must have hang tags intact and be in new condition (except for the defect). All defective product returns require an RA number from Striker Brands and must be initiated within 30 days of invoice to be eligible for exchange or credit. If replacement product is not available, a credit will be issued which will be applied to the original invoice. Defective product returns after 30 days of invoice follow the same procedure except retailer pays for return shipping and if replacement product is not available, a credit is issued to be applied to future invoices. Defective item returns are not accepted after March 1 of the following year (or 30 days after termination of MAPP).

Used Items: Used items include any product that does not have all hang tags intact or is not in new condition (except for the defect). Retailers who wish to make warranty claims for used product accept the risk of not being covered under warranty. We strongly encourage retailers to instruct these customers to contact us directly for warranty coverage and repair. After receiving an RA number, returned product can be shipped to us at retailer’s expense and any items which can be repaired will be returned to the retailer within 10 days. No credits will be issued for used product returns unless repair is not possible and replacement inventory is not available at the sole discretion of Striker Brands.